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Hydropower Development

and Operations

We are the Hydropower partner of choice

Recognising the benefits of hydro but also the need to create an energy source as quickly as possible, Aimsir has the experience and partners to develop small to medium hydro schemes as well as transmission networks and hybrid stations with Solar PV or small thermal energy sources.

Hydropower is the most established renewable energy source. It provides reliable and clean energy and is the most efficient of all energy sources. Recognising the benefits of hydropower and the need to create a clean energy source as quickly as possible, Aímsír is building an investment portfolio of small-to-medium-scale hydropower schemes in the developed and developing world.

A wealth of experience in the Hydropower industry

Financing of small/medium projects requires a special skill which is learned through a long and varied experience of construction. As an example, the partners of Aimsir have constructed schemes with a value of over $150m in remote parts of Scotland in the last 5 years. This powerful experience is valuable in both the Developed and Developing Worlds.
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The key to Aimsir’s success is to create value throughout the Development Process and throughout the Supply chain.