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Our Approach

Renewable Energy is an essential requirement for the continued growth and wellbeing of any economy – both in the Developed and Developing Worlds.

Environmental Protection and Management

Managing and protecting the aquatic and land-based habitat is essential to the long-term sustainability of any infrastructure development. Environmental Assessments are conducted for all projects in accordance with international and local standards appropriate for the scale of the project. Aímsír aims to meet and usually exceed these standards wherever possible.

Open Communication

Open Communication

Transparency and open consultation are at the forefront of all of our engagement with the community, the supply chain and all stakeholders. Aimsir is committed to ensuring that the communities with which we work gain a sense of informed involvement in the development process.

ESG Impact

Although profitable business is core to the success of any enterprise, the Board have also committed to doing “something more” which includes environmental and social (community) impact work.